Mathematics 2

NOTICE. Not allowed during any testing: calculators, mobile phones and any other means of communication, any watch, cameras and all electronic devices with an Internet connection. During testing, all these devices must be in a sealed bag without access to them during the test. Violation of these rules results in the loss of the test and the initiation of disciplinary proceedings.

Prerequisites:  Mathematics1 successfully passed.

Requirements for the Exam


Assessment & Testing


Training tests:   Tests 1   Tests 2   Tests 3

Final Exam Specimen:  1   2   3

Accepted Help

The course is primarily based on textbooks:

Bubeník F.: Mathematics for Engineers, Prague, 2014 (New)
Bubeník F.: Problems to Mathematics for Engineers, Prague, 2014 (New)

(Technical Literature Shop - New University Bookstore, the ground floor of the National Technical Library)

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