Mathematics 1   

NOTICE. Not allowed during any testing: calculators, mobile phones and any other means of communication, any watch, cameras and all electronic devices with an Internet connection. During testing, all these devices must be in a sealed bag without access to them during the test. Violation of these rules results in the loss of the test and the initiation of disciplinary proceedings.

Requirements for the Exam


Assessment & Testing

Important information: Registration to the on-line assessment tests are on the  website  Follow the instructions on the screen.


Trial Intermediate Tests (INTERACTIVE):  i-Tests 1    i-Tests 2   i-Tests 3  (Instructions see inside)

Trial Intermediate Tests (pdf):  Tests 1   Tests 2  Tests 3     

Training INTERACTIVE collections of problems  (Important notice: Interactive tests run in Internet Explorer 9, MathPlayer offers support for IE9 but does not work well in other browsers)

Final Exam Specimen:  1   2  

The course is primarily based on the textbook:

Bubeník F.: Mathematics for Engineers, Prague.

(Technical Literature Shop  - New University Bookstore, the ground floor of the National Technical Library or e-shop)

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