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Entrance Exam from Mathematics – online testing

The tests are generated from assignments that are randomly selected from a database. This database is not identical with the one used to generate the real tests for Entrance Exam from Mathematics.

The topics from mathematics that are used in the test are listed below. Each topic is represented by one assignment.

There is a multiple choice of 5 answers in each of the 15 assignments of the following online test. There is always only one correct answer. The order of answers is random.

If you click on the answer, its background should change to black. The answers can be marked in any internet browser that supports CSS pseudo class :checked. If you click on the answer and it is not marked (there is no black background), please try another internet browser. Even if the answers are not visually marked after you click on them, they are selected and will be processed when you send the test back for evaluation.

Time allotted for test is 70 minutes. When the time is up, the test is terminated and evaluated. You can finish the test before the end of trial period. Remaining time is shown in the right top hand corner of the page.

You can gain up to 20 points.

You need to have javascript enabled.


  1. Linear geometry (1 point)
  2. Quadratic geometry (2 points)
  3. Sequences (1 point)
  4. Goniometric functions (1 point)
  5. Stereometry (2 points)
  6. Absolut inequality (1 point)
  7. Complex variable (1 point)
  8. Expressions (1 point)
  9. Goniometric equations (1 point)
  10. Logarithmic equations (1 point)
  11. Graphs (1 point)
  12. Domain of definition (1 point)
  13. Non-linear inequality (2 points)
  14. Planimetry (2 points)
  15. Quadratic equations (2 points)

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